RambiCo delivers integrated Privacy & Security consultancy. Our service leads to improvement of the organization, people, process and technology. We accomplish that by giving professional advice and support on Privacy, Data Protection, Information Security, Physical Security and Cyber Security. Our vision is to use Privacy & Security as business enablers instead of regulatory obligations or non-functional requirements. Our approach is applicable for all multiple levels, areas and public/private sectors.

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RambiCo offers consultancy services on several topics and at multiple levels, areas and public/private sectors.. We offer al kind of services like assessments, analysis, trainings, workshops, round tables, speakers and facilitators.

RambiCo has expertise in Information Security, Privacy, Data Protection, Smart Meter-, Smart Grids- and ICS/SCADA Cyber Security.

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Professional Advice

RambiCo offers strategic advice to C-level, senior management and other decision makers. We facilitate improvement in the maturity level of the organization, people, process and technology. RambiCo is focused on business enabling activities and practical improvement of processes.


RambiCo offers awareness sessions, workshops and trainings in a range of topics, from Privacy, Data Protection and GDPR to Cyber Security, Cyber Resilience and ICS/SCADA Security.

We create not only awareness but also gaining knowledge, change of attitude and behavior. With table-top exercises we facilitate identification of scenario-based risks and mitigating actions.

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